Descriptive Essay On Sports Collision

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Sports Collision
BRRNG BRRNG! All of the students are rushing out of their classes except for Madison. Madison is a 10th grader at Cosby High school in Scarville. She has brown straight hair, brown eyes and a sporty style. She is always positive and happy. Some students think it’s all for an act, but that doesn 't get to her. She is on the girls basketball and softball team. Despite her being good at sports, she is really clumsy. She tries to be careful, but she stills ends up on the floor everyday. She is very organized and very good at school. She lives in a little house in Scarville with her mom, sister, and brother, but she spends most of her time at school. She is always studying or practicing for her sports. Usually before games she makes
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1,2,3, TITANS. The girls rushed onto the floor. The crowd was chanting, TITANS, TITANS. Cheerleaders flipping, and chanting cheers. Players running up and down the court. This was the craziest game of this season.
End of the 3rd quarter, everybody is tired. The game is tied 129-129, and the 4th quarter begins. Madison is exhausted, but that doesn 't stop her from playing the game. Halfway through the 4th quarter, the game is still tied. Kat passes Madison the ball, but she wasn 't paying attention. The ball hit her head and BANG. She hit the ground. She lays there as still as a tree. The gym went silent. The trainers rushing out to the floor. They helped get her off the floor and everything was ok, but not for Madison. She was seeing things, strange things.
Everybody doesn 't know how Madison could advance the game after that. Madison was having a hard time concentrating, and she missed a lot of her shot, even the easy free throws. They still won by a score of 150- 149. She made the last shot that won the game. It was free throw. The following day, Madison went to the doctor to see if she had a concussion. She didn 't have one, but she was acting weird in school. She was talking to herself, and not paying attention in
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