Steven Spielberg Techniques

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American screenwriter, Steven Spielberg, once said, “People have forgotten how to tell a story. Stories don’t have a middle or end any more. They usually have a beginning that never stops beginning.”. Steven Spielberg, adds such a uniqueness and artistic value to all of his films. He constantly leaves the audience wanting more. His artistic control over all his films is exquisite. Throughout Spielberg’s movies, he adds such fantastic features, and personal experiences to make his films seem more realistic. His talent speaks for itself in each and every one of his films. The first film I researched was the classic movie Jaws. The movie was released June 20, 1975. Something that I noticed that was very unique in the movie was Spielberg’s camera work. It was very smooth and natural. He used the classic camera technique Dolly In. When a character in the movie was being attacked by a shark, the camera would gradually dolly in and then zoom out to create a feeling of unsteadiness which has potential to leave the viewer feeling uneasy. Spielberg’s usage of color also contributes big time to the movie. His colors are used as a message. The color red was used a lot in the movie. It would indicate something tragic, or evening warn the audience…show more content…
Once again Spielberg hit the nail right on the head when it comes to camera work. As a matter of fact, his shots and visuals are still amazing to this day. The first interesting thing that I noticed, is the camera angles in this particular film were close up. This is used to make viewers have a closer connection to the characters in the movie. This angle also brings intensity to the viewers. It makes them sit on the edge of their seat. Furthermore, something that has become well known is the Spielberg face.The Spielberg face shows the characters watching along with you with various types of emotions. I think that this movie had some of the best Spielberg
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