The Characteristics Of Teen Activists

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Did you know that Malala has her own “Malala Day” in the United Nations, and Alex Lin got his own bill passed when he was only a teen? Both of these people are or were teen activists. You may be asking what a teen activist is. A teen activist is a teen that is speaking up against something that is wrong. A teen activist might start marches, rallies, and speeches that support their cause. You might also might be asking yourself, what does it take to become a teen activist? What is takes to be a teen activist is dedication to your cause. You have to give up your time and maybe even some money to that cause. It also takes bravery because you could be hurt, or even killed trying to support your cause. I think that all teen activists possess similar character traits. All teen activists possess similar character traits because they are all passionate, they all show bravery, and they are all persistent. The first reason all teen activists have the same character traits is all teen activists are passionate. The first teen activist that shows that character trait is Malala. The first example is that in the article “Malala the Powerful” by Kristin Lewis, Malala was shot at the age of 15. She is passionate because even though she could die or get hurt again she is still speaking out. Also, even though she won the Nobel Peace Prize she kept speaking out and continuing her movement. This show she is passionate because she has already spread her story across the world, but she still
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