The Characteristics Of The Book Of Daniel

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“I call upon your name Oh Lord. From the depths of the pits hear my plea. Come near, you say do not fear. Redeem my life”

The Book of Daniel is distinct from all the other books of Old Testament right from the language used in it. It is the only book of Old Testament which has three scripts in it: Aramaic, Hebrew and some paragraphs of Greek. Though later this was translated to many other languages, originally it was scripted in these three languages. Another significant feature is that, Book of Daniel is attributed as the master piece of Old Testament apocalyptic literature. The art of hermeneutics and exegesis are also the peculiar aspects of this text. This paper revolves around two different foci one Daniel as a historian or a prophet and the other, Book of Daniel as the triumph of apocalyptic literature.

The question of Daniel being a prophet or a historian has been vexed since ages. The first six chapters are evidently on history told by a Jew named Daniel who was captured by Nebuchadnezzar and brought to the kingdom of Babylonia, from the city of Jerusalem. The first six chapters also brings about this concept of God is in control of whatsoever befalls and also that he protects all his apostles. The second segment of the text, chapters 7-12 is the one that really fascinates the reader. This section of the text can be looked upon in two ways either as a constructed prophecy or as sheer history containing some prophecy. In either way historians admit that chapters

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