The Characteristics Of The Food Guide Pyramids

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What is the food guide pyramid and why do people hate the food guide pyramid? A food guide pyramid is a black triangle that has is divided in many sections that tells people what to eat each day and it lets people know how to eat healthy and how to stay healthy. It also makes sure that people eat the right nutrients each day and how many calories are people allowed to eat. They made the food guide pyramid because they say so many Americans is overweight. There trying to encourage people, mostly Americans to eat healthy and have a healthy diet. They also do this because they are too high in saturated fat. The food guide pyramid was started in 1992 they provide photos and text evidence so they knew what they were talking about how clearly they explained themselves of what each category means. Some Americans are confused of why they should follow the food guide pyramid and why they should start eating a healthy diet. Some people just don 't care about their healthy diet or how many nutrients they should eat or they just ignore it because they think all it says of the food guide pyramid is fake. Scientist did research about the food guide pyramid and found some fake facts about it. Dr. Walter the scientist who did all these research found that the food guide pyramid said that all the fats are bad. “That is not true only certain fats are bad but not all, saturated,monounsaturated,polyunsaturated fats can benefit your heart” (Greene). The good fats are sometimes found in

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