The Characteristics Of The Leadership Style Of Tony Fernandess

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2.3.3 Leadership Style According to Dran (2004), leadership is the ability of the leader to influence a group toward the achievement or accomplishment of a vision or goals of the organization. The result of the leadership is based on the inside of the organization which is including the employee productivity and organization agility, and also involved the outside of the organization which is customer share, investor confidence and community reputation. There are many types of leadership which are charismatic, transactional, transformational and autocratic. Tony Fernandes has charismatic leadership qualities that been adopted to become a leader of the AirAsia Sdn Bhd. There are a few characters of the charismatic leadership that similar with Tony Fernandes. Before going to the characteristic, Weber (1968) has defined the charismatic is an allegiance to the specific and exceptional quality life, heroism or admirable character of an individual person and of the measurable patterns revealed or appointed by that person. There are three of the traits of charismatic that can relate to Tony which is walk the talk, employee oriented and anti-hierarchy. Tony Fernandes actively involves with his crew by the adopted walk-around management style and he believes that it was a big mistake if he’s only going to sit in the office just to view the financial reporting. As a leader he has to make a decision for the company, this decision is based on his experience by joining the services that

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