The Characteristics Of The Party In George Orwell's 1984

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The Party in 1984 Oceania has one main goal: keep the citizens under their complete control. The Party as a group is a massive force that will stop for nothing. Their altercation of the past and the spewing of propaganda tv’s keep the people believing the Party’s every word. The corruption has gone so far that they even drag on wars to make people have a strong sense of togetherness and nationalism. In the book 1984, the villainous qualities of the Party create the biggest impact on the story by causing hatred, converting minds, and creating a new Winston. The Party’s approach to life has not always been for everyone, including Winston who frequently gets angry at their actions. In the beginning of the book, Winston says he was writing, “as though by automatic action… DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER” (1.1.18). His thoughts and actions toward Big Brother and the Party have become so strong that he is involuntarily writing words against them. Winston also resents the rule that there can be no love in Oceania, and leaps at the chance to break it. When Julia hands him the note saying “I love you”, he states, “the desire to live had welled up inside him, and the taking of minor risks suddenly seemed stupid” (2.1.109). Winston is no longer interested in his previously small acts of rebellion. He wants to deepen his actions and carry out a force much greater than simply writing in a journal. Winston enjoys the fact that he’s becoming a rebel, and takes great pride in the fact that he is
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