The Characteristics Of The Tragic Hero In Shakespeare's Macbeth

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Aristotle proposes his criteria to virtuous individuals to other individuals that react a certain way by accident. Aristotle states that the crucial in a tragedy is important to strike the balance in the character’s hero. Aristotelian tragic hero is to perish and its fate should be larger than procure. Aristotle statement as to less to say about the tragic hero because the incidents of tragedy are often beyond the character’s control or closely related to his personality.Aristotle criteria consists of life made of actions and its end is a mode of activity, not a quality. The aspects of Aristotle criteria has a definition to the tragedies combining the characteristics into Macbeth by William Shakespeare. Aristotle criteria is qualified for the supernatural values in Macbeth by making Macbeth having a weakness which is his pride. Macbeth was thane of Glamis and a brave soldier to Duncan which his purpose is to murder Duncan to gain his spot“noble Macbeth hath won”(I.II.78). Macbeth desire for power has clouded his incisiveness and he has no intents to kill Duncan. Macbeth was pushing his “vaulting ambitions …” (I.Vii.27) that blinded him to see his intents to killing Duncan. The idea of committing a crime to kill Duncan is what made Lady Macbeth encourage him to go with the plan . Macbeth know that if he wanted the title of Scotland he had to work to obtain his goal. Macbeth used daggers to kill Duncan while his wife kills the guards. Macbeth brings down his own

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