The Characteristics Of Transcendentalism In Dead Poet Society

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Hunter Lahrmer Mrs. Gillum English 11 A 21 March 2018 Transcendentalism in Dead Poets Society Believing in power to self, finding truth via nature, valuing feeling over reason, and relying on friends – all of these are characteristics of Transcendentalism, and were apparent in the movie, Dead Poets Society, mostly through its characters. One character who started out non-Transcendental but by the end of the movie, demonstrated Transcendental qualities was a student at Welton, Todd Anderson. Todd Anderson at the beginning of the movie, was a quiet new kid that really didn’t express his mind, but by the end of the movie Todd Anderson acquired many Transcendental qualities, like valuing feeling over reason. It is clear by the end of the movie, Todd has become a true Transcendental character. Todd Anderson went from being non Transcendental to being Transcendental throughout the movie. Todd, at the beginning of the movie, was the quiet new kid at Welton Academy and was roommates with Neil Perry, a student at Welton, the leader of the group of friends that hung around Todd. One of Todd friends, Charlie Dalton, invited him to the group by saying “You’re welcome to join us, Todd” and Knox says “Yea, come along” and Todd quietly says “Thanks” (Charles) (Leonard) (Hawke). Later in the movie, Todd joins the Dead Poets Society with the rest of the boys. Todd doesn’t talk much the first couple meetings with the Dead Poets Society. However Todd later became great friend with the members
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