The Characterities Of Macbeth And William Shakespeare's Macbeth

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In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the protagonist is Macbeth. Macbeth is described at first as a mighty, courageous warrior devoted to King Duncan. However, Macbeth realizes his importance and evil enters his mind, corrupting his motives. While in the poem, Beowulf, the protagonist, Beowulf, is also portrayed as mighty, courageous warrior, but is devoted to King Hrothgar. Unlike Macbeth, Beowulf defends his kingdom to benefit others and will risk his life at any cost for the preservation of King Hrothgar’s kingdom. While the authors of Macbeth and Beowulf depict them as courageous leaders, their motives distinguish them. There are many aspects that display Macbeth’s leadership. In the beginning of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the witches predict that Macbeth will become king (1.3.48-50). Fulfilling the witches’ prophecy, Macbeth eventually becomes king. As a king, there are many responsibilities and duties you must fulfill displaying his excellent leadership qualities. Before becoming king, Macbeth was a captain, who led and won many important battles for his king (1.2.33). As a captain, Macbeth gathered and led his men to victory further proving Macbeth’s leadership skills. These skills that Macbeth developed as a captain trained him to eventually be a successful leader as a king. Like Macbeth, Beowulf demonstrates the qualities of an excellent leader. Beowulf heard about the evil and terror that Grendel caused to innocent men, so he stood up for them and decided to lead a group of

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