The Characterization Of The Monsters In Beowulf's Story

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Imagine a story thats dates back to the old English era, where there is a warrior who kills monsters and dragons just for honor and glory. This warrior is Beowulf he is one of the strongest men on earth during that time defeating any monster that gets in his way. The Beowulf story is one of the oldest in old english history, And was told by many different anglo saxon author but this story changed every time some else's told it. Although the poem and the movie share many similarities, the different portrayals of Characterization of the monsters, The behavior of Beowulf, and roles of religion reveal the values of the societies in which they are told.
The first example of the similarities and differences in the poem and the movie is regarding characterizations of monsters. In the movie and the poem in found some similarities regarding this topic. “A powerful monster, living down/ In the darkness, growled in pain” (lines 1-2). Grendel is a monster that comes to Herot’s mead hall because of all the loud music, noise and came in the night taking men's lives. Also, Grendel's mother lives in the same murky lake in both and comes to Herot to get revenge because Beowulf killed her son. Some differences that I
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The characterizations of monsters was that the monster where more sympathetic but still wanted to cause terror to the people of Herot. The behavior of Beowulf he was a mighty warrior who fought for honor and glory, In the movie he had a weakness for women and would also boast a lot. Roles of religion back the christianity was just starting to spread and get popular, In the movie christianity was portrayed negativity. Both the movie and poem were very interesting and, they showed a lot how the anglo saxon culture lived and what they fought
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