The Characters In Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window

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In Rear Window, Alfred Hitchcock masterfully uses the characters he has created and weaves an intricate storyline by using their relationships with one another. Although each of the characters is, at first, presented as a cliché, their development is an extraordinary, fast-paced journey to behold. In a very short time, each of the characters undergoes massive changes to their personalities, making for a captivating movie. It is the relationships between the main characters that enthrall the viewer and make Rear Window such a compelling film.
James Stewart’s portrayal of L.B. Jefferies creates an intriguing and multifaceted character. Jefferies seems to be, at first glance, an indiscriminant stalker, spending his days watching his neighbors’
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Her introduction is an absurdly cliché, ethereal entrance that fits viewers’ first expectations of her. Her face is shadowed, and the first thing she is seen doing is kissing L.B. Jefferies. She is wearing a stylish dress that furthers viewers’ original perception of her empty-headedness. Yet even in the same scene, her dialogue suggests that she is not an empty-headed beauty, but one whose intelligence rivals her good looks. From a conversation between Jefferies and Stella, it is conveyed to the viewers that Lisa wishes to marry Jefferies. Lisa’s insistence that she would be willing to accept Jefferies’ roving lifestyle falls on deaf ears, and she is only able to prove this to her bullheaded beau by her actions later in the…show more content…
Jefferies is apprehensive when Lisa brings up the subject of marriage, as he sees her extravagant lifestyle as incompatible with his own nomadic and adventurous lifestyle. He expresses this concern to Stella. “She’s too perfect, she’s too talented, she’s too beautiful, she’s too sophisticated, she’s too everything but what I want.” It is clear to the viewer that Jefferies cares for his girlfriend, but is frightened by the thought of marrying her. They seem to live in two different worlds, but are drawn closer through the scintillating events of the movie. Jefferies, being incapacitated, cannot be physically involved in the process of gathering evidence against the killer, so Lisa volunteers. As a result of this, she is very nearly caught several times, and Jefferies is visibly worried during these scenes. These scenes are further proof of his affection for Lisa, but they also show that Lisa is capable of leading the sort of adventuresome, daring life that Jefferies lives. It is in these adrenaline-fueled moments that Stewart’s character starts to change his view. By the end of the film, it is apparent that Jefferies’ outlook has changed, and it seems likely that he and Lisa will get
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