The Characters In Antigore In Sophocles Antigone

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In Sophocles’ Antigone, Polynices never appears directly, but is one of the significant presences in the tragedy. Polynices is the reason for the downfall of the tragic hero, Creon, who is also the King of Thebes. Not only has one character been affected, but Polyneices’ death is the root of the preeminent conflict. Stated in the prologue, Polyneices has already been killed by his brother, Eteocles. This piece of background information is crucial because his death has generated a tremendous force on the plot and themes of the play.

The logic behind Polynices and Eteocles’ battle was because the King of Thebes, their father, Oedipus had died. Therefore they had to share the throne, however, Polynices did not condone this and assembled an army out of Thebes. This resulted in both brothers dying, withdrawing the throne to their uncle Creon. As Creon takes the place of King, he passes a new law and has ordered for Polynices could not have a proper burial. “Eteocles, who fell fighting for this city, who earned every prize of valor, will be buried and receive all honors that go to the best of the dead below. His erstwhile kinsman, however, I mean Polynices, who returned from exile with hopes of burning his native land and ancestral gods from top to bottom, wishing to feast on kindred blood and lead the rest into slavery, it has been decreed that in this city he shall be neither buried nor mourned by anyone, but everyone must leave him unburied, a feast for birds and dogs, an

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