The Characters Of Conflict In Poe's Tell Tale Heart

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People can learn a lot about people through conflict;books are no different. In many stories many authors have a conflict that builds up to more, to be more specific they have conflict that creates characters. For example, in the book Speak the main character Melinda faces many conflicts from being sexual assulted and living with that. In addition she almost gets sexual assulted again but this conflict made her into a stronger person. In “Tell Tale Heart” (written by Poe) the narrator is incredibly disturbed, and disgusted by the old man's eye, which later causes him to kill the old man. Lastly, “The Masque of the Red Death”(also written by poe) the red death is killing everybody and this conflict of the red death caused the Prince to become greedy, rude and…show more content…
Both authors use conflicts to create character; the conflict can either make the character strong and powerful or it can make the character weak or cruel.
In all three text they use conflict to build or develop character. Some character handle conflict better than others. To start, the book Speak the character Melinda handles the conflict the best. She was sexual asssulted “(insert text evidence)”. She did not fit in and was an outcast because of being sexual assulted. But, she overcame her situation and realized that she cannot be tied down any longer. Some ways that she handled her conflict healthy was by telling the truth and telling Andy(Andy is the rapist)to stop. She also helped every girl that could have been affected by Andy. This conflict affected her mentally and physically because she lost a lot of friends and had a low self esteem. The healthy thing that she did in her conflict was too stand up to Andy. Melinda in the book Speak was not the only character that handled their conflict healthily, “The Masque of the Red Death”(written by Poe) handled conflict well. The Prince was a mean
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