How Is Power Misused In Animal Farm

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Manor Farm is a farm under Mr. Jones’ ownership, which is the farm where animals are being whip-lashed and nearly starved to death, because of this they decide to rebel and take over the farm. The author of the book Animal Farm, is George Orwell. Some of the main characters in this story are, Mr. Jones; the owner of the farm, Snowball; a pig, Napoleon; a pig; and Boxer; a horse. In Manor Farm, the animal were being mistreated so they wanted to rebel and take ownership of the farm. The animals went through a great deal of suffering and hard but it all paid off after they drove Mr. Jones out of the farm. Now that they have taken over the farm they have to deal with the difficulties that arise because of this. Such as, how to deal with those who do not agree with the decisions made, and those who want to take leadership. In Animal Farm, power was misused by the pigs using their advantage, mistreating the other animals, and changing the commandments. In chapter 2 of Animal Farm, the animals finally drove out Mr. Jones and ruled over the farm. They instantly got rid of all things related to Mr. Jones and ruled over the farm. They instantly got rid of all the…show more content…
At first the animals were unsure about this, but eventually they became fine with it. The days began to be tough and Napoleon was harsh on them. “In these days Napoleon rarely appeared in public, but spent all his time in the farmhouse which was guarded at each door by fierce looking dogs. When he did emerge…with an escort of six dogs who closely surrounded him and growled if anyone came too near.” (Chapter 7, page 75) This quote clearly explains that Napoleon is really full of himself and claims to be fair but really is not fair. Napoleon changes some of the Seven Commandments and is slowly becoming more like a human. After a while, the animals start to realize that Napoleon and the pigs are resembling Mr. Jones too
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