The Characters Of Marilyn Monroe

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With her wet red lips and wiggling fanny, Marilyn Monroe was perceived as the sex icon of her age and recognized worldwide as the “sweet angel of sex”. Monroe “was manufactured by no one but herself, self-created from the start.” (35, Harvey) and with her originality, she remained as an indelibly admired figure. The role that made her this much recognized and helped her be one of the most desired women in world was her generic “dumb blonde” character. She was cast as this blonde woman who “[worries] about how to call for the butler without getting someone named Butler” (35, Harvey) and received a great attention from the male perspective. Even though her dumb blonde character does not prove it at the first glance, with this image, Monroe was an answer to the repressed female sexuality and social norms against woman. Although she represented an extreme femininity through media with her voluptuous body, seductive laugh and flirtatious acting, she can be considered as “masculine” for her age. Her attitude of being in charge of her own decisions in her career, her liberty in sexual life and her image that contrasts an expected woman figure by the society verifies that she in fact carries “masculine” characteristics in her personal life in contrast to her representation on the media.
Despite her image as a dumb blonde in cinema sector, Marilyn Monroe planned and led the decisions on her career life by herself as it would be expected from a man –owner of the phallus, owner of
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