Uruvi's Love With Karna Analysis

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They fulfilled her all wishes. They wanted her daughter to be happy always that’s why they agreed for her marriage with Karna. Swayamvara was conducted by her father so that she herself can choose her suitor. Uruvi was intelligent and curious child. She had a special power to heal the sick and hurt people. Uruvi also loved her parents. She was her father’s child, never forgetting for a moment that she should never fail her father. She always wanted to be like him, intelligent and sensible, though she tried to become like him she couldn’t. That’s why she converted her interest into other important things like Ayurveda. She was also an excellent horse rider. The only time she failed her father was when she fall in love with Karna.
From childhood
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She detested the unsaid demand that a girl of a good family should be hidden away till it was time for her to get married. She played with her friends in Hastinapur, sang and danced with her cousins, rode horses with the Pandavas and the Kauravas, and climbed trees with Kaurava prince.
It was not easy for Uruvi to choose Karna. She had to confront her parents, her foster mother Kunti and others. She was supposed to choose Arjuna in the swayamvara. To choose Karna means to go against all the people present there. But she realized that to achieve Karna she has to be brave. She has to stand and face the consequences. But she was courageous enough to choose what her heart told. Both her parents tried to stop her from the upcoming disaster but she stood firm in her decision. “I will give myself to him” was her answer. Thus she confronted her parents to marry her love.
She was not a coward to deny her feelings, that’s why she chooses Karna. She falls in love to a man who doesn’t even know that she existed. After the marriage she even has to confront Karna that she loved him. She told him “I married you because I have loved you since the day I first saw you”. (Wife, chapter
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