The Characters Of Mayurvena In Uruna's Mahabharata Epic

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They fulfilled her all wishes. They wanted her daughter to be happy always that’s why they agreed for her marriage with Karna. Swayamvara was conducted by her father so that she herself can choose her suitor. Uruvi was intelligent and curious child. She had a special power to heal the sick and hurt people. Uruvi also loved her parents. She was her father’s child, never forgetting for a moment that she should never fail her father. She always wanted to be like him, intelligent and sensible, though she tried to become like him she couldn’t. That’s why she converted her interest into other important things like Ayurveda. She was also an excellent horse rider. The only time she failed her father was when she fall in love with Karna. From childhood itself Uruvi had acquaintances with both Kurus and Pandavas. She has grown up with them knowing each one of them very well or as one among them. Thus Uruvi know all the characters in Mahabharata epic very well. She grown up seeing the rivalry between the two clans and had it been not for Karna, she would have supported Pandavas. She was blind folded by her love towards Karna that she couldn’t see the consequences that were coming. She was a curious child, a quality which she preserved in her adulthood also. She always asked questions, searched for answers. Though many disliked, Uruvi always stood for the right and questioned the wrong deeds. She was too self-possessed to be admired, too intelligent to be questioned, and far too

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