The Characters Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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No one is perfect. Not even heroes. No matter how perfect someone may seem, they always have faults. For example, the main character, Odysseus, in the epic ‘The Odyssey’, is very noble, and heroic. However, Odysseus still has many faults by giving in to his emotions. First of all, Odysseus has done some great things. Such as when he got his men out of the cave. Odysseus showed great bravery by stabbing the cyclops in his eye, and getting his men out of the death hole, “I took it out, and brought it right up to him. My men stood around me, and some god inspired us. My men lifted up the Olivewood stake and drove the sharp point right into his eye,” Homer book 9. This showed great courage of Odysseus, and his men. However, Odysseus also makes
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