The Characters Of The Novel, By George Orwell's 'Zero'

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The characters Stanley Yelnats: Stanley is the main character of the book. He is an overweight child who has no friends at his school. His family was cursed so he is a child accustomed to bad luck.He has low self-confidence due to these facts. One day Stanley finds a pair of shoes which is not his and takes it home. The police thinks this as stealing and they take him to the "Camp Green Lake". His physical appearance changes in this camp, he starts to have friends and he makes good friends with Zero. He teaches him to read and write. Hector Zeroni (Zero): He is homeless. His mom left him when he was a kid. He wasn 't educated thats why he doesn 't know how to read and write. He doesn 't talk very much that 's why they call him "Zero". After a while they become friends with Stanley. Stanley teaches him how to read and write. He finds out that Zero is actually really smart. X-Ray: He is the leader of the Group D. He has high self confidence. He always gets the first place in the water line for the punished people. He wears glasses. One day he takes the tube that Stanley gave him but he keeps it so that he can have more time of the other day. (The people who finds important things gets a day of) Madame Zeroni: Madame Zeroni is a fortuneteller. She is in a wheel chair because she lost her left foot. She is black. She always tells the truth. One day Elya Yelnats tells Madame Zeroni that he wants to marry Myra Manke. Madame Zeroni tells him that she is stupid, because
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