The Characters Of Tom Robinsonson's To Kill The Mockingbird

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From the very beginning, this case has not been carried out in an honest manner, and possesses many faults as can be seen in the evidence provided today. The witness testimony not only lacks medical evidence proving that the crime ever happened in the first place, but also lacks logical argument which will no doubt have made you all feel ambiguity about the case.
First of all, it is physically impossible for Tom Robinson to have beaten and raped Ms. Mayella. This is due to the fact that from the sheriff’s and Mr. Ewell’s testament, we know that Miss Mayella was beaten mostly on the right side of her body. Since it is much easier for a left handed person to hit another person on their right, we can reach the conclusion that Miss Mayella was most likely beaten by someone left handed. Tom Robinson now stands, taking the oath with his right hand, which is the only good had that he possesses. Mr. Ewell has also shown through cross examination that he is left handed, and from what we see daily of the Ewell family, you will no doubt be able to see the truth before you.
Secondly, why did Mr. Ewell not call a doctor? He had been calm enough to call the sheriff in order to arrest Tom Robinson, but had not thought to call a doctor. Or rather, he had chosen not to call a doctor. Dear members of the jury, why didn’t he? On the witness stand, Mr. Ewell said that “there wasn’t no need to” as he had seen what had happened. When asked whether he had not been concerned for Miss Mayella’s
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