The Characters Of White Beauty By Toni Morrison

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To begin with, Morrison presents with the character of Pecola a feeble, low self-esteem person who is under the spell of the stereotype of white beauty. She considers herself ugly because she does not have the physical attributes of this aesthetic ideal. Moreover, she is influenced by the gaze of the other: how the others see her reinforce the idea that she is not beautiful, lowering even more her self-esteem. As a result, she stands for the tragedy of the self-conscious individual. This is, she is not aware that she does not need to have the white beauty attributes in order to be somebody due to she is an individual by herself. In this case, she is not aware that she is beautiful; but the problem is that the rest of society understands beauty according to a determinate ideal; and anything that does not follow this pattern falls off from being considered beautiful. Consequently, not being conscious of her existence as an individual, Pecola rejects her physical appearance because she desires to be beautiful according to the white beauty; and by this act, she also rejects her psyche, her soul and her identity. The repulsion for her physical appearance, her blackness, can be considered, in a larger scale, the renunciation to her African traces, her origin, and by this, the denial of her community too. Tragically, she presents a double personality that does not allow her the realization of any true self. Thereupon, she is entrapped and divided between her two-ness: what she is,
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