The Chariot Of The Sun: 21 Pages-7 Illustrations Analysis

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The Chariot of the Sun 21 pages + 7 Illustrations
Page 1: Helios, Driver of the Sun 92
Every morning, while you’re snoozing in bed, the sun rises high into the eastern sky. And every night, when you’re getting into your pyjamas, it drops with a splash into the sea in the west. Over time, people have told many tales of how the sun moves across the sky. As the Ancient Greek story goes, Helios, the Greek God of the Sun, was responsible for moving the sun from East to West. He drove the sun across the sky in a golden chariot with the help of his four mighty horses.

Page 2: ILLUSTRATION FOR PAGE 1: A happy picture of Helios carrying the sun across the sky. He looks stern and concentrating, but he enjoys his job and knows how to do it well. The horses look calm, but very strong. They are carrying the sun in a beautiful golden chariot across the sky from east to west. Ancient Greek people below are looking up to him and could be praying or looking in admiration at him.

Page 3: Clymene’s Great Secret 99
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The chariot glittered with jewels which sent light in all directions. Phaeton looked upon it with delight and longed impatiently for the joy of driving it. “Oh, my dear son,” said Helios, “do go not too high or you will scorch the heavens, or too low, for you’ll set Earth on fire. Phaethon was so happy to hear what his father was saying. He leapt into the golden chariot and the fiery horses chased out of the palace’s eastern gates.

Page 18: ILLUSTRATION FOR PAGE 17: Phaeton is climbing aboard the golden chariot which houses the giant golden sun. The sun is carefully placed inside the chariot, and it is huge. The four horses are massive, and look extremely powerful. They are grunting and blowing steam from their noses. Helios looks scared as he is helping his small son into the massive chariot. The seasons (Helios’s servants) look worried.
Page 19: Phaeton Takes to the sky

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