The Charles Town Settlers

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The Hard Times of The Charles Town Settlers Unlike the modern American, the average Charles Town settler’s life was brutal and harsh.The hamlet of Charles Town was on the track to be founded in 1663 when eight Lords Proprietors were given a grant from King Charles I of England to settle or establish an organization of land below the colony of Virginia, after the failed grant designated to Sir Robert Heath in 1629. This newly established settlement laid at Albemarle Point on the Ashley River in 1670. With the town still being new, they relied heavily on trade with the Native Americans. Though Charles Town’s future looked bright everyday task were still a constant struggle.What made matters even worse was death followed every individual…show more content…
The land, although rich with soil, had it's flaws like unnavigable waters, also it's marshes that seem to call for sticky situations, and the erroneous knowledge that was provided to other voyagers about the land made it arduous to establish. The first point to mention is that the maps that were created for the Carolinas were highly inaccurate. For example, a map made in 1617 of the Old Plats of Charles Town shows the North Atlantic Ocean water being located on the wrong side. Instead of the water facing to the west of the coast it is facing east giving the illusion that Carolina is located further to the east like in present-day California or it is a type of peninsula. Not only was the way that Carolina was facing mistaken, but the distance between every settlement was incorrect as well. To give an idea about this, the map of Old Plats of Charles Town provides the information needed to make this conclusion, on the map located to the northeast of Charles Town there is a location named St. Augustine. St. Augustine is located in Florida not in Carolina, on the map it is indicated the St. Augustine, Florida was located about four miles away from Charles Town which is false. Another thing that caused the settlers some type of problem was the marshes that were scattered everywhere. The marsh with it’s tall grass is hard to see anything ahead making settlers who…show more content…
In 1760, Eliza Lucas Pinckney describes the outbreak of smallpox as “A great cloud that seems at present to hang over this province.” meaning that smallpox has brought up a dark look into the future. Pinckney continues to address what smallpox's has done to the settlement stating “... a violent kind of small pox rages in Charles Town that most puts a stop to all business… fled into the Country,...” Elza is expressing that the disease has caused many to flee out of its range and seek shelter in the country. This slows down businesses in Charles Town stopping the economy of the region to slow down as well. Not only did the colonist have to face a deathly disease, but they also had to fear the threats that they were getting from neighboring Natives. The Native are not happy with the settlers for taking land and depriving them of rights, but instead of sitting back and being silent they took out to threaten the settlers instilling fear into them. However, the colonists, though sick, were not having it so they called General Amherst to take care of them. The slight problem they failed to think of was the safety of the General and his army. General Amherst could contract small poxs and die leaving the colonies protection with one less general to lead if there was an

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