The Cheater's Guide To Love Analysis

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Diaz’s use of conflicts in the story The Cheater's Guide to Love are significance to the development of the story's theme and that of the main character Yunior. Diaz uses the internal conflicts of Yunior to show the effects on his life and that of others, these internal conflicts are often illuminated by external conflicts, such as the action of others.
Throughout the story, “The Cheater’s Guide to Love,” author Diaz chronicles the main character’s finding and losing love and the ups and downs along the way, shown though various internal and external conflicts. According to Haritou (2011), the story starts off with year zero, ground zero, calling it the “collapse of Yunior’s adult life.” At this time the main internal conflict that Yunior is
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I do think that this connection is clear because it allows the reader to make the connection between the conflicts and their significance to the overall story. This could also be made stronger by adding in more direct links to various conflicts and how the change the course of the story of the life of Yunior. I decided to use the above reference because it had an analysis of the story that closely related to my personal views. I also liked how Haritou used the phrase, “collapse of Yunior’s adult life” to address the main conflict and said that “Years 1 through 5 attempt emergency reconstruction.” This allowed me to see the effect of the conflicts on Yunior’s journey as a major factor in the story. I do believe that everything that is included in the paragraph is necessary and helps to make the connection between the topic sentence and my working thesis clear. However, If I added more direct links between more specific conflicts of Yunior being effected by those around him it would make the connection stronger. I think one of the most challenging things I faced when writing this post would be settling on a working thesis that was ready to be published. In a way, being confident in its content. Another challenge was trying to read and pick a source to use while remaining neutral to its content and take in the opinions of others. I do think that I settled on the source I used because it was closely related to my opinions and was an overall good analysis of the
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