Cherokee Tribes

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Tribes of the Americas Cherokee Some people say that the Cherokee are divided by two nations while others say that they are united across two nations. The two nations have existed for the past 150 years. There are the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians from Oklahoma and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. The Cherokee lived in the area that is now western North Carolina, eastern Tennessee, and northern Georgia in the pre-Columbian era. Their trading routes and hunting grounds went much further than that. They probably had lived in that area for at least a thousand years before their first contact with Europeans which was in the early sixteenth century. The Cherokee society was organized into seven clans. These clans are a ni gi lo…show more content…
The most important social group in the Aztec society was the calpolli. This was a collection of families connected by blood or long association. The key positions in the military, state administration, judiciary, and priesthood were dominated by the nobility. Traders could become powerful and wealthy, but their prosperity was based on their class, and most citizens stayed farmers. There were limited opportunities for an individual to better their social position. Macehualtin, or farmers, was the largest social group and was divided into two further groups. The next social class contained slaves or tlacotin who were people that were conquered, guilty of serious crimes, or people that were in so much debt that they were forced to sell themselves as a commodity for a certain period of time or sometimes for life. The social class that contained artisans were known as tolteca. The craftsmen were held in high regard. The pipiltin or nobility wore prized feather garments which made them easy to…show more content…
All three civilizations were deeply religious. Their religious beliefs, while different, laid the groundwork for each civilization’s everyday life. The Cherokee, who were monotheistic, used their religious beliefs in their stories, ceremonies, and rituals. Everything from specific numbers to ordinary animals to specific trees and plants had its place in the Cherokee existence. For the Cherokee, everything had its proper place. The Aztecs, who were polytheistic, also used their religious beliefs in their ceremonies and rituals. The Aztecs used human and animal sacrifices as well as an advanced calendar in their festivals. Like the Cherokee, certain animals and numbers held significant meaning in their religious and everyday beliefs. The Incas were polytheistic like the Aztecs. While their structure of beliefs were different, both civilizations believed in multiple gods. Like the Cherokee and Aztecs, the Inca culture was based on its religious beliefs. They too spent their days preoccupied with their religious beliefs. These beliefs were the underlying current of their
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