The Chest Clinic Case Study

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The Chest Clinic is a state organisation. There are other chest clinics in South Australia and all of Australia. However, this is the main one for South Australia. It is the main one because it is bigger and provides a lot more services than the others. The Chest Clinic is funded by the government. It 's affiliated with the Royal Adelaide Hospital and therefore is funded and all the workers are paid by the government. If this funding was to stop, it would not only affect Adelaide but it would also affect a lot of people all over South Australia. They provide a lot of services for people with cystic fibrosis, lung cancer and sleep apnoea. All of these patients would have to go to another clinic, putting the pressure on for the other chest clinics to care for a lot more people. As this is the only clinic in SA that does TB screening, if it was to stop there would be nowhere for people to get their TB screening done. Not only does it affect the TB screening but it also affects treating the TB patients. This affects the whole state. If no one is getting checked they could easily spread the…show more content…
This health professional provides information on their disease, is someone they can talk to and confide in as mental health is affected greatly from these diseases. Patients can become depressed as they believe they have no hope in living. This is why having people to talk to and inform the patients on treatments and keep them strong is very important. If this was to not happen due to funding, the patients would either have no one to talk to or spend a lot of money on psychologists. This could result in severe depression due to loneliness or lack of finances for their treatments. There 's a lot to consider when someone is faced with a life threatening disease and the Chest Clinic provides all of the services and help a patient needs to face their
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