The Chhaupadi Culture In Nepal

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Abstract Different socio-cultural stigma is still prevailing in the world. These stigmata carry both the positive and negative impacts in society and human lives. The “chhaupadi” culture in Nepal has become one of the main threat to the lives of menstruating women and girls, who have to live outside the home in a cowshed or small thatched house, because during the period, they are considered “impure”. Therefore, the main study of this paper is to understand the main concepts of Chhaupadi System which is existing in the Far and Mid-Western part of Nepal. Further, talks about the main factors that are making to exist it in the society. In order to take action against this system, several legal instruments have established by the Nepal Government. The national and international organizations have also played an active role to diffuse the system from the society. This paper has also analyzed that, why women are considered impure and placed away from the usual residents. Living outside the house- in a cow shed women and girls have to face various kinds of risk and violence like bullying, snakes and insects bite, wild animal attack even possibility to be the victims of sexual harassment. After childbirth, the women must stay in a cow shed for around 11 days in such chhaupadi practiced areas. Thus, being a woman, the life is not always easy and have to suffer from inhuman social practice. Keywords: Chhaupadi Practice,

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