The Chicago Cubs Analysis

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It all started with the goat, 108 years of excruciating torture would lay ahead for the Chicago Cubs, along with their fans. The Cubs only had two World Series appearances in those 108 years; moreover, not winning either one of them. Both World Series appearances, losing in a comeback from the other team. No matter how hard they tried, the depraved curse never gave in. That would be until until the 2016 season. Starting off the season by not only signing new players, but also having a very young talented team. One of these players is Ben Zobrist, the perfect player that can not only play just about any position, but also be very good at just about all of them. The Cubs ended up having a really good season and ended it with a remarkable record…show more content…
With a 1-2 count and 1 out. The pitcher threw the ball, Zobrist swung, the ball blasted down the left field line, the third baseman just missing it! Zobrist hit a double and 1 run scored! This put the Cubs in the lead! Miguel Montero then ended up driving in another run later on to put the Cubs up two runs, the score 8-6! Now the bottom of the 10th, runner on first. The count 0-1 with 2 outs, the pitch to the Indian player Michael Martinez. The announcer yelling through the TV speakers, “ Here’s the 0-1, this is gonna be a tough play, Bryant, THE CUBS, WIN THE WORLD SERIES!!! The curse finally broken, as the crowd went wild. At last, after 108 years, it had happened. So many people crying and in awe as they never thought that they would experience the historical event in their lifetime. What’s even better than the Cubs winning the World Series? Ben Zobrist winning the MVP award! Nobody would ever think that a kid from the small town of Eureka, Illinois would ever be in this kind of situation. With the award he also won a brand new Chevy Camaro. Ben definitely deserved this award and was a true leader on the team. He is a great example of how hard work always pays off, and that you can do anything you set your mind
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