The Children Act 1989

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The Children Act 1989 that was revised in 2004 explains the importance that parents play in a child’s life. The act states that children should remain with their parents at all times if possible in order to make sure that the child is kept safe and to make sure their welfare remains the most important thing. This act believes that children are cared for best when they are in the care of their biological parents however the act ensures that in certain circumstances where the biological parents are unable to provide care for the child, that the child will be cared for in the correct way by another family member or by a carer. The Children Act 1989 also believes that the child’s well-being, health and safety should be the main concern for parents,…show more content…
The court, parents and carers should think about the child’s happiness and what the child wants to do in certain situations and circumstances. They should also consider the child’s emotional and educational needs which could be affected due to the decisions made; as well as thinking about their age and background information. They should consider the effect that any changes may have on the child and should consider any harm the child may have suffered or in the future is likely to suffer with their current guardian. They also need to consider if the parents have the ability and are capable of meeting the child’s physical, language, emotional, cognitive and social…show more content…
These guidelines are important so all individuals are aware of how children should be looked after either in the home or a school or other locations. These guidelines were designed to care and support children throughout their life. Professionals and parents should allow children to be healthy and allow children to remain safe in their environments. They should also help children enjoy life and assist them in any issues they may have in order to help them succeed. Professionals and parents should also help make a positive contribution to the children’s lives. They should also help achieve economic stability in order to help the children’s future. Some changes have been made in response to the Children Act 2004, education and social care services in each local authority have been brought together due to the director of children’s services. The children also ensures that if a professionals knows that a child is being mistreated they should make other professionals aware of this. The Children act also made a children’s fund which is designed to help children financially, such as underprivileged children or children whose family are not financially secure. It also makes sure that children attend education from the ages of five to thirteen. The Children act aims to give children the best possible start in life and
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