The Children Are Watching Us Film Analysis

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Vittorio De Sica the director of this afternoon’s film, ‘The Children Are Watching Us’ is the important artist of the Italian Neo-Realism. The flim was release in 1994 that period Europe following the second world war that cause several economic decline, high level of unemployment, wide income disparities that exactly contras the film offer no sign of war, no poverty, no solidarity, no hint of black market or bombing, the film show the upper middle class people, their upper middle class living style, high rise living appartment and surrounding, seaside restron for upper class, magisterial fashion. ‘The Children Are Watching Us’ is the story of broken relationship between husband and wife and loving relationship between lover. Actualy it is…show more content…
The director show the family in this film is belong to upper middle class family and leave in apartment. In apartment surrounding and people living lifestyle, street people that reveal the world outside the boy house and surrounding. The child saw the closeness of his mother to another man(lover), the director perfectly poetry that seen, the child did not like it and he did not understand whether it is right or wrong or say or not to say to his father. The director show broken relationship of husband and wife, and lover relationship and the wife passionate interlude with her lover to finally and innocence of child. The film are amazing on formal level, the filmmaker make new aesthetic commitment who seem to understand that they are making different thing (cups) of something never before seen in Italian cinema. The gossip mongering neighborhood act like Greek chore, and cheering unhappiness of married couple. When the child mother abandon him, every one refuse to help his father to take care of him, including his aunt and his grandmother that scene show all human value lost in society and they pursuit hollow pleasure region. We see the contras life of village and city. The boy enjoying both life but he mostly enjoying village life because most of the thing he can do first time that make him naturally happy. The director structure

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