The Chilling Tale Of Education In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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The Chilling Tale of Education
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley was a chilling frame story about a young scientist named Victor Frankenstein that follows his passion to gain knowledge about life and death. He creates a monster, which is never given a name, and while at first he 's extremely proud of his creation it 's soon changes and he grows to hate it and then abandons it. The monster as seen in the novel is left alone and learns everything that he needs in his life on his own from basic survival to language and even learns about his emotions. He learns from an early age that he was not like and brother he was feared other people around him. As the story moves on briefly how he learned through observation and experimentation. As time moves on in the novel the reader can see how both people,Victor Frankenstein and his monster grow in their own ways and how their hatred for each other 's grows till it led to the downfall and even death of one of the characters.
In the novel Frankenstein there were two ways in which education was obtained one was by books and schooling and the other was by experimentation and observation. While Frankenstein was more of a book Lerner he did have some moments of learning through experimentation. His monster on the other hand learned most if not all of his education through experience, experimentation, and observation. Learning the books cannot amount of education you can receive on your own with observation experience and experimentation.
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