What Is Euthanasia In The Giver

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Everyone is born with human rights, and have the power to choose to live or die. What if you didn't have the choice? The book the giver by Lois Lowry, tells a story about how a twelve-year-old boy became the receiver of memory. His name was Jonas. He experienced both painful and beautiful memories as the giver touched him. When Jonas is assigned the job of the receiver of memory, he then has the privileges to learn the secrets of the community. Jonas later realizes how people are “released”. Jonas learns that when people are released it means they are killed. People should have the right to choose whether to live or die, but in this case, a newborn does not. Humans should have the right to their own body, even if it means choosing death.This novel uses the practice of euthanasia. In the Giver, when newborns are born with deformities or health problems or…show more content…
In the book, they mostly practice this on elders and the newborns. There should always be a choice, and you should decide what you think is best regarding your life. In the novel, the elders think that it is okay to put people out of their misery, but they cannot speak for the people. When you grow old you gain a lot of wisdom over the years. This being said, you should always have that choice to do what you want with your life. The novel accepts the practice of euthanasia but I think it's wrong and is not sympathetic to take a life of an innocent human being. The choice of living or dying should be up to you and nobody else because you should at least have to right to your own body. In the book the old don't really have the choice they grow old, get put into homes, and then get released. I do not think that this is that the practice of euthanasia is compassionate. The reason I think that it is not is because it just shows that thee simply kill a person and do not care, it does not show care,love, or
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