The Chosen By Chaim Potok: An Analysis

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In The Chosen written by Chaim Potok one of the greatest bonds in the book is between Danny and Reuven. They demonstrate that being a good friend is not merely about having pleasurable times but to be there for the other through the hard times. Not only that but being able to correct each other without arguments. Moreover, these two unlikely friends meet for the first time as enemies for a baseball game and Danny ends up injuring Reuven nearly blinding him in one eye. Somehow they overcome this and in the end, become great friends. Reuven and Danny demonstrate true friendship though loyalty, being there for one another, and they do not let obstacles ruin their friendship. Although sometimes it may be difficult; Reuven and Danny stay loyal to one another. Often it may seem obscure that they are friends due to their differences in religion. Instead of letting this put up barriers in their friendship they use this to challenge each other which ends in them learning more about each other. But to others this friendship seemed odd. “They both sounded so childish, and I got a little angry when Davey Cantor started talking about “that snooty Danny Saunders”” (Page 149) In that moment Reuven school mates would not understand him being friends with someone like Danny but later on in the book they accepted it. Even…show more content…
The foundation of this relationship shows that friendship is not simply an enjoyable, casual thing. Rather it is also serious, frustrating, and at many times tough. Even through the hard times, Danny and Raven become closer creating a great unbreakable bond which lasts the whole novel. The ending of The Chosen leaves open possibility for their friendship to flourish or maybe even end as they enter new stages of their live. But in the end, Danny and Reuven have clearly had a permanent impact on each

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