The Chosen By Chaim Potok Summary

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The Chosen For my summer reading I chose to read the book “The Chosen” by Chaim Potok. The book takes place in 1946 NewYork, durring World War 2. In the primary pages of the book they introduce the protagonist and the narrator of the story, Reuven Malter. Reuven being the narrator brings a very interesting point of view. Although he is still an Orthodox Jew he was not raised in the tight restrictions some of the other children had and at many times questioned the very traditional methods of their study and once referred to it as “extreme”. Still, in spite of his disagreeance with some of the restrictions, Reuven wanted to become a rabbi and show people his view of the world, and he definitely had the mind for it. The other main character…show more content…
The first time they met was during a heated baseball game between reuvens team and Danny's team. Danny's team was considered dangerous and was once referred as “murderous” because the fact they were not afraid to play a little dirty as long as they won. Not to mention the heated tension between the two teams because of their disagreence in religion, followed by Danny's team yelling “kill you apikorsom”. Reuvens team was fighting to keep up. By the last game, reuvens team was able to even the scores. Intensity grew when Danny, the teams best player, was batting against reuven. When his bat struck the final ball it when flying and hit reuvens glasses causing him to collapse and tiny shards of glass cut and get stuck in one of his eyes. He was then rushed to the hospital. His surgery went successfully, but had to stay in the eye ward until they made sure it was safe to expose his eye. Danny went to visit reuvern in the hospital to apologize, but reuven did not give him a chance . Later reuven realized what he did was wrong and the next time Danny came, they talked for a long time. Since then Danny visited him regularly and they became very close friends, they had almost like a bond that they did not have with anyone
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