The Chosen Character Analysis

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Aspects of a Coach. “...he was able to mold our original team of awkward fumblers into the top team in our league.”(5). In the book The Chosen, by Chaim Potok,the gym teacher and baseball coach goes by the name of Mr.Galanter. He 's very military like and always comparing situations to World War II. Because he is a gym teacher and a coach, he 's a good leader for the young boys to look up to. Mr.Galanter 's compassion,encouragement, and leadership just a few of his good traits. During the beginning of the book, Mr.Galanter displays he really cares for his baseball boys. The boys faced their toughest opponent yet. Both of the pitchers were both targeted heavily by the other team. Reuven, one of the pitchers found himself hit by a…show more content…
He tends to compare a baseball game to a battle. “No heroes in this war now,” Mr.Galanter said, “I want live soldiers, not dead heroes.” (17). It 's an encouraging way to treat the boys because it makes them feel like they are fighting for something, and that they must do their best. Mr.Galanter is doing something right with the boys because he keeps them alive and encouraged throughout the entire game. Leadership reflects an essential part of being a gym teacher and a baseball coach. When with his boys, he must demonstrate authority and wisdom at all times. Which can sometimes mean he has to make the tough decisions for the better of his team. “We fight it careful from now on.”(24). Although, he leads them in a kind way and isn 't harsh or pressuring. Mr.Galanter displays authority in leading his team in the way where they all respect and listen to him. Mr. Galanter has to stay strong during the baseball game, when the boys faced their roughest opponent. The boys see a good leader in Mr.Galanter, and also see the patriotism in his heart. “His name was Mr.Galanter, and all of us wondered why he was not off somewhere fighting in the war.” (5). Mr.Galanter exhibits kindness, a reassuring attitude, and initiative. Those are a few of the aspects a successful coach should
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