The Chosen Ones Book Report

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Imagine that you are watching a movie or reading a book, and one of the characters is really similar to you. For me, that character is Andrew Jones from the book, The Chosen Ones. We both are the youngest in our families, both dislike school very much, and we both live in small towns. There are many similarities between Andrew and I. Anyone who is the youngest sibling in their family will tell you that it is terrible. That is something unalterable that Andrew and I have in common. In the book, The Chosen Ones, Andrew is always getting teased or bullied by his older brother or sister, the situation is almost identical to the one in my house. For example, at one part in the book, he is on the couch watching T.V., when he hears his mother tell his older brother Justin to take out the trash. The second his…show more content…
Andrew and I fall into the category of school being the worst. Many factors cause us to make our decision about school, and the majority of them we both agree on. Waking up early, homework, long days, and strict rules are just a few of the reasons that we have in common. Throughout the book, Andrew struggles with doing all of his homework each night, and still having a little bit of free time. I go through the same struggle almost every night. Most students can relate to that problem, and that is a big part of why we despise school. Another huge reason is because of the early start of the day. Everyone is tired in the morning which stretches out the morning and makes it feel an hour longer. I always have to rush in the morning because I oversleep by accident and Andrew has the same issue. At one part of the story, Andrew oversleeps so much that he misses the bus and has to call his parents to come pick him up. Last year, I accidentally turned off my alarm instead of snoozing it, and as a result of that, I woke up at about 11:30 and the phone call to my dad was not a fun
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