Scrooge's A Christmas Carol

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I am doing this essay because there is coming Christmas and the story or the movie is very beautiful. The story takes place in London there are 3 spirits and very bad person and he was very bad but then he is good but at the of this story this is a brief explanation of the story.

Scrooge is paying mortician to buy Marley. 7 years late Scrooge is in his office nephew Fred visit him. Then Scrooge go to his home. One night Marley ghost visit Scrooge and tell Scrooge you will be visit by 3 sprits of Christmas. At the next day Scrooge was visit for the first spirit of Christmas past he take Scrooge to his old school and when he was a small child and the ghost of Christmas past show Scrooge work Scrooge when he was a teenager he has a girlfriend
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First he dont like the por people and he dont care about others he just care about the money he dont like Christmas one day the friend of Scrooge he was dead and spirit of him go visit him and say him that he will be visit by 3 spirits and when Scrooge die all the bad things will be in a changes and he will say sorry sorry and ve alife again to change his bad things to good things in his house he has a lot of boxes of money and he dont whant to give one tuppence

Jacob Marley Marley was a partner of Scrooge in his job. Mrley died and 7 years later the ghost of Marley visit Scrooge. One night the ghost of Mrley visit Scrooge and Marley tell him that he will be visit by 3 spirits. Marley has a lot of changes with boxes of money because when he was alive he was a really bad person like Scrooge he was saying Scrooge that when he die he will be like Marley or barest. Marley say that because Scrooge has opportunity to change his bad things to good things and that why he will be visit by 3 spirits to see his past future and present see that he was very good when he was a
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The ghost of Christmas present Show Scrooge his past when he has a work when bob and his family were eating turkey and tiny and his family were eating turkey and tiny Timmy if they don’t give them money tiny timi will die the ghost of Christmas present he was very fat he never is sad he is always leafing to transport place to place he use a torch with fire he was one of the tree ghost he was the second ghost he has a lot of bear at the end of the tour of the past Christmas they went to the inside of a gig clock and when it was 12:00pm he will be bad like all of the 3 ghost because at the end they are mad but when it starts the ghost are very good but at 12:00pm the ghost of Christmas present he was bad an appear too small people down of his feet’s that they were very mad and they want to atac
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