The Christmas Carolmas And The Story Of Christmas

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I am doing this essay because there is coming Christmas and the story or the movie is very beautiful. The story takes place in London there are 3 spirits and very bad person and he was very bad but then he is good but at the of this story this is a brief explanation of the story. Scrooge is paying mortician to buy Marley. 7 years late Scrooge is in his office nephew Fred visit him. Then Scrooge go to his home. One night Marley ghost visit Scrooge and tell Scrooge you will be visit by 3 sprits of Christmas. At the next day Scrooge was visit for the first spirit of Christmas past he take Scrooge to his old school and when he was a small child and the ghost of Christmas past show Scrooge work Scrooge when he was a teenager he has a girlfriend and the spirt of Christ mas past show him when his girlfriend breaks up with Scrooge. The last place their go convert to a bad ghost and thru ghost of Christmas past disappear. The other day Scrooge meets the second Ghost of Christmas present. The ghost of Christmas present took Scrooge to bob cratchitt house. The next place the ghost of Christmas present take scrooge. Takes him to the hose of bob cratchtt. Then the Ghost of Christmas present tall him that tiny it miss going to die. Then the ghost of Christmas present takes scrooge to freed house where they are making fun of him. Then the ghost of Christmas present die an and show ignorant and want. Then he meet the last ghost it was the ghost of Christmas future. The ghost go

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