The Christmas Classic It's A Wonderful Life Analysis

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The right path is not always the easiest to follow. The right thing often comes with a cost, often financial. The civilized world is dependent on money. It is human nature to want the highest standard of living, often ignoring the blessings already found in their life. A common struggle found in nearly all cultures is the balance between doing what's right and supporting your family. Life is the greatest gift given, despite being riddled with challenges and barriers. The Christmas Classic It's a Wonderful Life portrays all these struggles found in everyday life. George Bailey, the main character in the film, faces hardship his entire life in many forms. From his Pioneering spirit, to the want to help others in his own hometown, many aspects of George’s personality clash to cause an internal struggle that will follow him throughout the plot of the film.

Even from a very young age, George Bailey showed an intense pioneering spirit, dreaming of far off lands and finding adventure that would rival any other. Unfortunately for his plans, events in his life led him down a completely different path. The death of his Father lead to the family's business, the Building and Loan, being threatened by the small town’s ‘Scrooge’, Mr. Potter. Mr. Potter owns nearly all of Bedford Falls, George's hometown, and plans to take out the last competition in the town,
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Just as the happy couple gets in their car, the Depression hits the small town. Chaos spreads like wildfire as people panic and try to withdraw their non-existent funds from the Building and Loan. Potter offers to pay half of their missing money in cash on the spot. George is faced with a decision and rather than give Potter control of the town, George uses his honeymoon funds to pay off the crowd and keep his business open. George has once again put his dream behind the need of others to do what's
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