The Christmas Eve Vs Of The Filipinos In The Philippines

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The Christmas Eve has been always for many Filipinos, a time where they can rest from their daily routine, enjoy the time with their families, enjoy the food and celebrate the season with coolness and full of joy. It’s the right time for many Christians, celebrating the birth of the one who gave them life, forgiveness, beauty, and love through his sacrificed for our sins.
My argument in making this piece is to respond to the conflicts given by those people in a respectful and loving manner, never to attack them in person but to tenderly present to them the facts of the real scenario of how Jesus Christ suffered and crucified for our sin.
Christmas Eve enjoyed and celebrated by different countries. Since, Philippines known as one of those countries who have permanent intention in celebrating it abundantly, most of us used to follow and execute different kinds of beliefs from our ancestor. Some were collecting round-shaped fruits and making dishes with a round-shape utensil as they believed that the blessings may like those shapes where it becomes permanent or remain to the corner of the house. Some were wearing red and green dresses as symbolize happiness and love for each member of the family. It sounds ridiculous but that’s makes them satisfied so let them be.
Many of us Filipinos especially those Catholics considered that celebrating this as the Church intends us to, will be the most profitable to us spiritually and traditionally. A simple comparison of the two versions of

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