The Christmas Holiday: The Winter Holidays

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It’s that time of year again. The Winter Holidays. The Christmas music, the new hype for 2044 and best of all Presents! This year I get to be Santa. I have the privilege to deliver my son’s most wanted present of all time, The iHolo. They dub it the “all in one” because Apple integrated holograms to their Apple Glasses and can use any Apple device be it Macbook or iPhone. I can’t wait wait to see my son’s face smiling from ear to ear thanking Santa and relieved he has been good enough this year. Boy this takes me back to when I got my absolute favorite gift at that time. I was 11 years old. It was right after Thanksgiving when my family pulled out a piece of paper for the Wish List that year. That year I wanted the PSP all of my other friends got one on their birthdays and I’m still stuck on my DS. I didn’t want to be left behind so I wrote it down in big and bold letters to provide emphasis. All of my other family members just wrote down clothes and gift cards the simple stuff like that. They all lacked the passion for true Christmas spirit which is to get presents that take up a lump of money. My dreams were crushed when my parents told me that I can’t have that expensive handheld console and told me to ask for a more reasonably priced gift. Cheapskates. I mean it was reality 's version of saying no so i had to get over it. It’s all up to Santa now. I go to school the following day to ask my friends who were successful at getting the PSP for advice. The ideas they gave

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