The Christmas Hunt Theme

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In the book of the Christmas hunt by Borden Deal is a book with a very wide crossed of themes. As a lesion in the book Be patient and not go head first into the plan. In the beginning, the first couple of pages of the book Tom was yelling at his father. .For attention. Like a typical 10 year old to do. For asking his Father for going to the Christmas hunt. His father refused to let him come. As Tom gets mad about this. He runs up the stairs. Then goes to bed and dreams about on if he did go. As the other hunters stopped to look at the brilliant shots he had done. And having his dad say I was wrong. After he shot multiple birds. in the beginning of the story is probably frustration and exited. Because Tom got refused to come with his father. During the middle of the…show more content…
Tom went to the weapon stash. As Tom thinking he is“old”to weld a shotgun!!!!! Without a 18 year old around. Not even having a lock on the gun stash ether. Tom takes a shot gun and sneaking away. Making a bad excuse to leave the house. Tom bring his father's best dog and taking that out to “hunt.” Then he shoots the dog on accident and gets in big trouble. For stealing a gun and shooting his dog. For my theme it would be proud in my view then mad and or deprest. Since he shot the dog. Tom cared the injured dog back to his home. Toms feels very bad about his father's dog. He stay in his room for all morning of christmas eve. Thinking that he was not going to get a bike so it would bike to school. But he figures it out sometime around lunch. That his father would not have gotten the bike anyway. In the end of the book His dad forgave Tom. Dad gave Tom a pup to train with. In a couple of years. So Tom's father can train the dog and Tom. Then he could join the hunt. For this theme is would be definitely be relief for that he could join after a while and forgiven from after the dog invading. This book the Christmas hunt By Borden Deal Created a book that had different themes. Which make it more
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