The Christmas Jar Research Paper

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The Christmas Jar is a book that talks about people helping other people during Christmas. The Maxwells were the first family to start The Christmas Jar. The Christmas jar is a jar that you put loose change in and then give it away to someone or save it to get something special for someone. The Maxwells story will always and forever change Hopes way she views her place in the world because now she can help others and do more for others and her community. The Maxwells have taught her that she can do more than what she thinks by just putting loose change in a jar because it could really help someone. The Maxwells also taught Hope that it’s better to give something away to someone and them not knowing who gave it to them. The Christmas Jar is supposed to be something that’s anonymous and that you don’t get anything in return it’s just a random act of kindness.…show more content…
So the Christmas Jar is very special to Hope because she thought at first she was gonna be all alone with nothing but when she saw the Christmas Jar everything suddenly got better. She later on did some research about the Christmas Jars and she found so many wonderful stories and then she found out about the Maxwells and then everything just went together and she became friends with the
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