The Christmas Miracle Analysis

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Refection for “The Christmas Miracle” In the Christmas Miracle, the author, Rebecca Curtis writes about cats dying in a mysterious gory way that is traumatizing two young girls. This story is seen through the eyes of her friend “K” a Russian atheist that does not celebrate Christmas or believe in God. This story is also written as if K thinks Christmas is senseless and during the Christmas holiday, millions of people decapitate pine trees and place them inside their homes while they sit back and watch them slowly die a painful death. In the Christmas Miracle, the author, Rebecca Curtis uses symbols to describe death, disease, natural disasters and mental illness. The author speaks about her Lyme disease along with some co-infections in great detail and how certain food make her symptoms even worse. The author talks about specific foods the trigger her symptoms that cause her to go into a mental state of madness. The food that makes her go crazy are pastries made during the Christmas holidays. The author writes about these symbols in a…show more content…
Incest is the undisclosed secret that has not been mentioned at all, even when the signs are noticeable. When the pedophile uncle positions himself to constantly get down on the floor so he can peek up under the dress of an innocent six-year-old, everybody sees it, but no one dares to mention anything about it, intervene on it, try to stop it, or try to protect the little girl. The author and her sister go to such dysfunctional lengths to disregard what they see that one can deduce that they have their own incestuous experiences with an uncle or family member as well. These are symbols are of deep dark emotional trauma that will take years of therapy to recover from. The author perverts the situation even further by using symbols of distrust by the family ignoring what the pedophile uncle is doing and
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