The Christmas Story: The Story Of Christmas

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In the small magical town of HollyJollyville, chaos erupted. Everyone was in pure pandemonium, running around and stumbling into each other. All the citizens had just learned that Santa Claus was very ill and they only had two weeks until Christmas. As Santa’s condition deteriorated, the town’s Christmas spirit was dwindling.The elves stopped making toys, the reindeer stopped flying, and all the Christmas lights had gone out. It was almost as if the whole town was forgetting about Christmas. Except for two of Santa’s elves Jingle and Jangle. “What are we going to do?” panicked Jingle. “Christmas is only two weeks away!” “I’m not sure, but we have to keep the Christmas spirit intact,” replied Jangle. Jingle and Jangle searched all over HollyJollyville to find any more elves or citizens that still had Christmas spirit in them. Despite their efforts, they found no one else left in town that had Christmas spirit left. “Well Jingle it’s up to us to save Christmas!” exclaimed Jangle. “We better get started, we have a lot of work to do before Christmas,” stated Jingle. While they were looking in the town’s library, they came across an old book; that when the town is in need, a savior is chosen to come and save them. Finding this person is very difficult, but you will know they are the one when the star of Christmas is near and lights up in their presence. “You know what we have to do?” asked Jingle. “Take a nap before we start saving
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