The Christopher Columbus Day Before And After Columbus

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Before and After Columbus
Christopher Columbus was known to many Americans as the great explorer. He “discovered” America but as years went on the glorified Columbus was criticized and historians had found error in his ways. Does this mean Columbus was a villain and everything he stands for should be demolished? In this essay we will explore how Columbus Day is honored or observed in the United States of America and how celebrating this holiday opens up sore wounds for American Indians and how he opened the doors for transatlantic slavery, mass murders and cruelty to the Indigenous people of America. This essay will explore the apparent legacy that Columbus is celebrate and honored for, and whether or not all Americans should continue to honor Columbus Day.
Christopher Columbus had always been glorified and honored for his adventurous voyages and for discovering that the Earth was round and not flat as was previously suggested. Columbus who was rejected by several European countries for nearly 10 years was eventually funded by the Spanish King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, Christopher had signed a deal anointing him as governor of any land he “discovered” and that he was allowed to keep 10% of any merchandise he found on the unknown lands.
Columbus had now set out to find new territory in the Santa Maria with the Pinta together with the Nina. He arrived on an island by accident which is known to us as the Bahamas and claimed the land for Spain and named it San Salvador
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