Ethan Wate Analysis

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Incredible story
It is based on a series of novels by writers Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, known as the Chronicles of Caster. In this first work of the series they present to the caster creatures as characters who have magical powers and who must confront in their lives the decision to make part of the dark side or the luminous side of witchcraft. Only that, in the case of women, such a change, which happens at sixteen, does not depend on themselves, but on strange external circumstances.
In these circumstances, Lena Duchannes (Alice Englert), the adolescent Witch, who falls in love with a normal human being, an extremely dangerous and forbidden subject among the casters, who has already provoked a tragedy in the past, is recreated in the film , between scenes taken from the nineteenth-century American Civil war. His lover is Ethan Wate (Alden Ehrenreich) and the romance that both live, does not let be fun and
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The director decided on a strange combination of somewhat gloomy and mysterious exteriors, full of vines and high walls. But the interior is completely different from what could be expected of a haunted mansion, with an imposing staircase of clean and immaculate design and environments with scarce modern furniture, for nothing chilling. The house was endowed with fluency, through the lighting and the colors of their spaces, and the note change and react according to the moments of enthusiasm or depression that the young witch Lena lives, as it approaches the time when she must face her destiny Fateful. In this sense, the Caster mansion is one more character in history, something that is not unusual when it comes to haunted mansions, but in this case it is not a place that frightens the spectator. In fact, nothing in the film seeks to horrify, rather it is a fun about two lovers who must solve a strange situation, not free of mystery and
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