Chronological And Timeline: Anne Frank

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Chronological/Timeline: Anne Frank (Tanya)
Hook: Well hello my name is Anne Frank and I 'm gonna tell you how I became an important part of history.
Background info (birthplace, birthdate, any relevant childhood info., relevant relationship info., etc.): Now i was born in Frankfurt Main-Germany June 12, 1929. My parents names are Otto and Edith and I was the second out of two the first one was my sister Margot and she was really like my mother she was shy, hardworking and respectful. Now me I was like my father I was social, curious and always wanted to be the center of attention. Now I was very wakeful at night I would wake up at night so than my father would put me to sleep with nursery songs. Event #1: In 1920’s Germany was bent beneath
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Now by the following year they named Hitler Chancellor of Germany. But years later on Hitler 's hate touched my family personally. Now my family 's landlord was against Jews just like the Nazies an made our life miserable.
Event #3: In 1931, when I was nearly two years old my family and I decided to move out of the apartment. And because of that we had to find a place to live that was more affordable. Later on we finally found a place to live which was a ground-floor apartment in an old
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People from Amsterdam heard planes and were awaken by that which made them worry so They didn 't let the, go to school. After that they Made a curfew were everyone had to be home by 8:00 at night. Now after they people covered their windows with black paper so they wouldn 't see any light coming from their homes.
Event #9: Now by 1941 hope was lost with us I say that because everyone was just tired and scared also moods were just not the same. Something more Important was that their was short supply of food for us. Now nobody talks to each other and some went out to shoplift for food.
Event #10: On August 4, 1941 me an the rest of the people were found the way we were found was by an anonyms call to the police. And than we were taken to to a camp named camp westerbrok were it was horrible. we had work all day were not fed properly an had barely any rest and for us women we had to break batteries such was very hard

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