The Chronological And Timeline Of Anne Frank

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Chronological/Timeline: Anne Frank (Tanya)
Hook: Well hello my name is Anne Frank and I 'm gonna tell you how I became an important part of history.
Background info (birthplace, birthdate, any relevant childhood info., relevant relationship info., etc.): Now i was born in Frankfurt Main-Germany June 12, 1929. My parents names are Otto and Edith and I was the second out of two the first one was my sister Margot and she was really like my mother she was shy, hardworking and respectful. Now me I was like my father I was social, curious and always wanted to be the center of attention. Now I was very wakeful at night I would wake up at night so than my father would put me to sleep with nursery songs. Event #1: In 1920’s Germany was bent beneath the burden of having lost the World War 1 the previous decade. Now in this war eight million soldiers and more than thirteen million civilians died or got seriously sick or injured on both sides. Than later on the Nazies led by a man named Adolf Hitler and this man did not like the s and I 'm not meaning my family in specific he disliked Jews.
Event #2: Now by 1932, the Nazies had the largest voting in the largest lawmaking body. Now by the following year they named Hitler Chancellor of Germany. But years later on Hitler 's hate touched my family personally. Now my family 's landlord was against Jews just like the Nazies an made our life miserable.
Event #3: In 1931, when I was nearly two years old my family and I decided to move out

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