The Chrysalids Book Report

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Introduction Ever wanted to know what an extra body part or limb, like fingers and toes in our world a person like that would get treated better and have right than if someone in the world, where it was a post-apocalyptic world of the “Chrysalids” where you would get no rights if you were to live there and get out casted. The main character is a little kid named David. The title of this book is “The Chrysalids” and the author of this book is John Wyndham and the chrysalids is a post-apocalyptic world that probably was formed at a nuclear war which made a lot of the land unusable but live able land (The Fringes) but the land that has taken the most damage is the bad lands the area that is good and use able is the area that Waknuk where is farm able an can sustain life of the religious people who believe in god and in purity and no deviations in people, crops and livestock, to get rid of deviational people they either kill them or exile them, for crops they just burn them and livestock they just kill them but they do not eat deviational livestock and or crops. Blind Acceptance (Example # 1) In this book the chrysalids there are many moments where there are blind acceptance of tradition one of them is even if one plant of the crop is deviational they would burn the whole field of crops and there goes there time and effort of taking care of…show more content…
(Example 2) the fringe people are consider outsiders to the society of Waknuk and that the outsiders invade them which bans the people that aren’t consider outsider work together to protect (Example 3)when David found his little sister (Petra) in the river when he heard her thought messages, there society try to get rid of
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