The Chrysalids By John Wyndham: Literary Analysis

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Nowadays we see people with one arm, or one leg, people who are gay, lesbian, or transgender . We also see people who have mental disabilities, or disabilities in general. No matter what they have or how much different they are from you. You don't kill them, You don't send them away to go live elsewhere away from you all because they are different. Now do you? The novel The Chrysalids by John Wyndham, we truly see just how rude, cruel, hurtful, and disrespectful people are towards those who are different. For my I.S.U the novel that I read is The Chrysalids. I was asked to talk about some of the literary devices that I feel are shown well throughout this novel. Although there are many literary devices that are used in this novel the ones that I feel are the best used are; symbol, foreshadowing, and lastly pathos. The first literary device that I will be talking about is Symbol. The device symbol plays a very important part of this novel, as there are a few important and vital symbols such as; the cross, dream, and Sophie herself. The cross is an important symbol in this novel because as it what everyone wears on their…show more content…
The device foreshadowing occurs a few time throughout this novel. The first example of foreshadowing in this novel occurs in the very start of the novel when David has a dream of a city where there were planes in the sky, bright lights, big boats, and much more. This foreshadow that the city where David lived, was very old ,or maybe gated as that is the type of city that I live in and it seemed strange that he had never seen those things before. The next example of foreshadowing in this novel is when anne fell in love with Allan who was not apart of the group. This foreshadowed that there maybe some conflict with soon with the group and that she may leave or that the group could be exposed because she may become angry with them as they may not want her to marry
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