The Chrysalids Change Analysis

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The theme of the book “The Chrysalids,” is change. The whole book is about one boy, David, growing up, changing, and going on and adventure. When the books starts, he is 10 years old. You can tell he is changing by the end of the book because his powers are stronger and he is in a relationship, making love with Rosalind behind bushes. A large example of change in this book is David gets a little sister named Petra, which he did not have in the beginning. David teaches Petra about her powers, but she is already a lot stronger than David, Rosalind, Michael or anyone in the group by such a young age. At first she cannot control her powers and she summoned David when she was in danger. She did not know she summoned him, but as she grew she found out how to control it and how to talk to people halfway around the world. Sophie is another example of change. When David and Sophie were little, they used to play and talk to each other all the time. Later in the book, the inspector found out that Sophie was a mutant and she was sent to the Fringes. When David ran to the Fringes with Rosalind and Petra, he found Sophie a woman. This demonstrates change because…show more content…
When the teenagers were first going to Patsy’s farm in Ireland, they didn’t want to go. Jimmy was ready to go and kick back and relax and Rosemary did not want to go at all because she wanted to spend her summer with her friends. Rosemary did not think she was going to have fun without her friends since she was 17, but she and Jimmy ended up changing their view on Ireland. Peter Murchu took them to a different world of Ireland’s history where the teenagers met Cucuc, Maine, Finnabar and Maeve. When Jimmy and Rosemary got back to Patsy’s farm, they were doing hard work like using a scythe in the fields and Jimmy even cooked a stew. This shows change because the teenagers went to Ireland expecting to not do much work, but the Tain changed them and made them
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